Hospitality Management Graduates are in Demand

With the hospitality industry being the leader of business activity, the demand for qualified hospitality management continues to grow. Hospitality refers to a wide range of different specialties including hotel, food service, travel and tourism. Hospitality college graduates can be assured that they are entering a career that offers long-term security and many opportunities to work not only in the United States, but also worldwide. Opportunities abound in every field of hospitality. With over 7 million restaurants worldwide and 1 million of those located in the United states, 1 million hotels worldwide and close to 300,000 in the states, it is easy to understand why the demand for managers in these industries are always needed. Earning a degree in the hospitality industry enables the graduate to work as a manager in a motel, hotel, and resort or manage a restaurant, nightclub or bar. Travel and tourism is also included in the hospitality industry where graduates can become e mployed by airlines, cruise lines, tour companies or travel agencies.

Those who enjoy working in the food service industry can find opportunities in restaurant management working for food chains or can own a franchise and operate their establishment under the franchise’s guidelines. They can also own and operate their own restaurant. Management positions include co-managers, assistant managers and general managers who oversee all operations. District managers also are needed to oversee many different locations of a franchise. The hotel industry offers many different management positions to oversee and operate a hotel, motel or resort. With many countries having tourism as their number one resource, management positions are available worldwide.

Not only does a management position in the hospitality industry offer security, it also offers competitive wages, benefits, paid holidays, vacations, and bonuses. Most companies pay their management team quarterly bonuses according to earned profits. In addition, with many large named hospitality businesses expanding their services around the world, the opportunity to experience other parts of the world is possible. With all these benefits and the generous pay, choosing this industry for a management position can offer a rewarding and fulfilling life.

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