Finding a Job in a Tough Economy

Unemployment is growing at an alarming rate and finding a job in this economy is not easy to do. Companies are shutting down, declaring bankruptcy, laying off employees, and not hiring for any positions. So where can you find a job in this economy?

A few places to check are the various temp agencies. Don’t discount temping! Many full-time to permanent hires are found through temp agencies. Larger companies that have reduced their human resources departments are relying on temp services to do the background checking and screening for employees before they hire anyone on permanently. The time spent temping in an office is frequently looked on as a trial period, and it often is cheaper than an actual probationary period. When a company has a temp on board for three months, then hires her permanently, the employee still has to wait another three months for benefits to kick in. So, treat a temp job as an audition for a permanent job…

Consider prospecting letters. Even if a company isn’t advertising they have an open position, they aren’t necessarily not hiring. A prospecting letter would be sent directly to someone in a department that equals your skill level. You might write and tell the accounting manager you saw a write up about their charitable donation in the walk-a-thon recently, and congratulate them. Let the manager know that their company has the same value system you are looking for in a workplace, and ask if there are any openings to match your business administration degree. You could end up with at least an interview.

Attend career fairs! School systems will often have county-wide job fairs for every position available. Law enforcement agencies don’t only hire police officers at their booths in job fairs, they also need administrative help, dispatch helpers, janitorial service, payroll, IT, and every other variety of worker any big company needs. Check your local city and county government jobs postings. They’re often found online at the same site as their unemployment services.

Don’t forget to network within your own circle of family and friends. Call everyone you know and tell them, “listen, I know you might not have anything at your company but I’d appreciate if you would think of who else you know at another company…” Sometimes, it really is all about who you know and good timing. Don’t give up, there may be a job just around the corner for you!