Landing the Right Internship

Students entering their junior year of college should have already had summer internships or they should be researching which employers they want to intern with for next summer. (By senior year, internships should have been completed or be underway.) In order to research, begin online, at the college career center, or discuss with your professors … Read more

7 Modern Success Tips for Working from Home

Working from Home Forget all the old advice about working from home; you know, “Dress as if you were going into the office, keep regular business hours, don’t get distracted by the laundry, etc.” Much of that advice, quite frankly, is dated. For starters, it’s not uncommon to walk into an office and see folks … Read more

How to Get Noticed When Applying for a Job

Employers are receiving hundreds of applications by highly qualified individuals for jobs that pay only a few dollars above minimum wage. When a really great job comes along that is the dream job for many, great pay, benefits, and good working environment; the number of applicants increases. In what appear to be desperate times, standing … Read more

Finding a Job in a Tough Economy

Unemployment is growing at an alarming rate and finding a job in this economy is not easy to do. Companies are shutting down, declaring bankruptcy, laying off employees, and not hiring for any positions. So where can you find a job in this economy? A few places to check are the various temp agencies. Don’t … Read more

Executive Search in India Explained

As an increasing number of Western companies are expanding into India to take advantage of its economic potential, these same firms are becoming more reliant on executive search firms for their recruiting and human resources needs. What is executive search? Executive search makes it much easier and more efficient for companies to find the best … Read more

Hospitality Management Graduates are in Demand

With the hospitality industry being the leader of business activity, the demand for qualified hospitality management continues to grow. Hospitality refers to a wide range of different specialties including hotel, food service, travel and tourism. Hospitality college graduates can be assured that they are entering a career that offers long-term security and many opportunities to … Read more